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So, I’ve almost completed work on refurbishing a Beverage Air DD68 direct-draw beer refrigerator I found on Craigslist about a month-and-a-half ago. I did some pretty extensive work to it (see below), putting in about 80-90 hours. There is still some exterior work to be done, and gas/beer line to be added, but it is functional and is being used right now for temperature-controlled fermentation.

Notes on fermentation:
So, in the configuration its in now, I have a Fermwrap heating element (with a homemade foam blanket) plugged in to the Ranco ETC coming into the back. I did this so that I will be able to keep the cabinet at serving and/or lager temps, while still being able to ferment ales, at the higher temperature they need. I know this is really energy inefficient, but it works for now. The fridge stays around or just below ale temps naturally, which is great. I generally don’t need to have the fridge operating at all right now.

Notes on CO2 line:
While I don’t keg yet, I wanted to have the option to later on. I bought a three-stage secondary regulator so that I can use the first two lines for force carbonating. The third line will feed into the three-line distribution bar and be used for serving.

I’ve never really done anything like this before. I’m a big fan of learn-as-you-go.

Work done:
- I applied new contact paper on exterior
- Completely lined the interior with 1/16″ styrene, stainless steel hardware
- Custom shelf, from rigidized stainless steel
- Replaced tower hardware, gaskets
- Replaced faucets, shanks
- Replaced CO2 distribution bar
- Added a new secondary regulator
- New primary regulator
- Hardwired a Ranco Electronic Temperature Control and gang box to the interior
- Homemade heavy-duty dolly
- Cut/sanded/ground about 2 lbs or rusted or corroded metal

- Industrial Metal Supply (sheet metal)
- Kegworks.com (beer & CO2 hardware)
- Morebeer.com (CO2 hardware, temperature equipment)
- Lowes (misc hardware)
- Case Parts (just about everything for the refrigerator itself)
- Foam Mart, Burbank (tower & carboy insulation)

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